Let me start out by introducing myself. My name is Matt Doyle and I am a 23 year old advertising major at michigan state university. Some of you may already know me, most will not. For those of you who don’t know me let me give you a little background information. I have an eating and drinking problem. No, I’m not bulimic and no i’m not an alcoholic. The problem is much worse then those, I am a spillaholic. I seem to have a knack for spilling drinks and food on my self on a daily basis. Now before you start yelling in my comments for me to get some manners let me clarify something, THIS IS NOT A MANNERS PROBLEM, but more of a hand eye coordination problem.

Yea yea yea ok matt, your going to write a blog all about spilling on yourself??? Well yes and no, every item i post in here will be something that has been spilled on me that week, but what I hope to do is relay my feelings and thoughts about that food or drink. There are thousands of food critics out there and I hope to stand out from the crowd by adding humor to mundane foods and drinks. When is the last time you read a food critic write in the state news giving his opinion on lemon lime gatorade, well i hope to fill that void. hopefully this clears things up a bit and in addtion to writing about one food item and drink item a week, i will take a picture of that item spilled on my shirt.

ladies and gentlemen grab a napkin


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