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live to give baby

· SSocial Network Presence

o Established Presence on Twitter, constantly seeking followers and submitting press releases now via Tweets

o Facebook – Migrated to new “Page” During this process Facebook updated its business pages, used this to our advantage and implemented new features and took advantage of new stream feature. I also made sure to have our other members all parse their URL’s the same to increase SEO. I added all of our Foundation’s photos to my Facebook profile and had the other team members do this as well.

o MySpace– Created brand new page on MySpace, I am not really a fan of MySpace but the exposure is huge so I decided to leverage this

o LinkedIn – Created a group for our foundation and began to advertise the group on my LinkedIn profile

o YouTube – Created FanPage to distribute our videos. Made sure to tag them carefully to enhance SEO

· OOnline Presence

o I made sure to use consistent titling throughout our Social Network profiles so that we could jump higher in the google searches for related keywords

o As a result of this, we jumped drastically in the search results in a variety of keywords. In particular, we jumped to #1 after the search of live to give foundation, we weren’t even on the results prior to this

o I interlinked all of our web pages. I did this to increase our inbound links for all pages. I made sure to link them all with the same titles as well in the anchors of the links.

o Completely redesigned our website. I had previously started working on this page before the class started but made some drastic changes as I learned more about WordPress. I designed the page as a blog to increase communication between our leadership team, our donators, and our families. A big part of our cause is adding a personal touch and I chose to keep comment permissions in certain areas of the site for people to give feedback on.

o I created a Flickr account to store all of our albums. I thought that this was a good idea in addition to our Facebook albums because Flickr is completely public, I felt that the UI was easy to use for our audience that wasn’t very tech inclined.

o Set up account on 888pressrelase and for future press releases.


so long farewell

Wow time flies when you’re having fun, and when you only meet twice during the semester. Although I came into this class with an abundance of prior knowledge in social media platforms, I learned a lot of stuff about a couple new platforms that I had yet to use, and further gained experience and expertise in the ones I already used. For my presentation I’m going to obviously outline the weekly topics, but I want to focus my presentation on a few key points that I felt were the most important parts of this class.
• Twitter – This new method of communication is the way of the future. With the ability to find out what consumers are saying about your product at a given moment, and the instant communication across huge amounts of followers and folowees, twitter is a bright star in the future of social media.
• SEO – Pretty soon every aspect of our lives will be intertwined with search engines. With the sheer amount of information that accumulates daily on the internet, search engines especially Google will be vital to organizing and accessing data.
• LinkedIn – Facebook is great sure, but its not something that I would want to show off to my prospective employer. Linkedin is going to grow and become my number one online identity. I think the only thing that is holding it back right now is its UI is very clunky, but this can be improved
• Personas – Social networking sites are personal, so businesses need adapt to become transparent and assume the identity of someone that is persona, not a far off distant business entity. By assuming a similar persona to that of the target audience, the business will be better able to empathize.
Im looking forward to reading Presentation Zen on my cruise, Garry’s credentials as a design professional are unparalleled. I am looking forward to giving my first presentation under the influence of Zen

social networking

I really love the concept of twitter, its just a shame that not many of my friends use it.  I use a very simmilar tool at work called Yammer. Linkedin is GREAT and I am looking forward to actually spending a few hours and making it shine. Facebook is…. well its facebook ive always used it and its my favorite social networking tool. For my independent study I am overhauling my charity’s facebook group into a facebook page to spread awareness as well as share our media which is the heart of our foundation.

adword up

adwordzSo for this week’s assignment we were tasked with setting up our very own Google AdWords campaign. This is a particular tool-set of Google’s that i have had absolutely zero hands on experience with but I was a little bit familiar with the concept. There is some controversy over the AdWords campaign scheme due to some critics believing that it has a monopoly over the entire online advertising industry, I disagree with this but at the same time in many ways it’s true.

I started out by doing the starter edition of AdWords and made my first ad. I used some of my own keywords but also used a lot of the category keywords that google provides during the setup. i found the AdWord keyword search/generator extremely helpful. I typed in the URL of my blog and it pulled up all of the relating keywords on the site in addition to suggesting some ones similar to mine. I can see how helpful this would be for commerical and e-commerce websites on the web. This experience with AdWords is really going to help with my online marketing campaign for my charity as to raise awareness not only within the state of michigan, but outside of it as well!.

why blog?

whyso why am i writing this blog? well i am required to in my class this semester “New Media Drivers License”. The objective of this course is to not only learn about the new different type sof emerging media on the internet, but raise awareness to others as well. Although it is a requirement for my class to create and update this blog, I have been deeply interested in all sorts of new media for a long time. I already write for another blog for my internship in addition to that i wrote a blog of my travels through europe this past summer. In addition to blogging, this class puts a heavy emphasis on social networking which i am very versed in as well. I manage the social network identities for my internship so this is a great opportunity to learn more about online social networking. For the independent study portion of this class i will be developing an online viral marketing campaign to increase awareness and volunteerism. This is great because I also work as the marketing coordinator for a charity that two friends of mine started. Head over to the “what the heck” page to find out more about this blog!