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seoi absolutely loved this assignment. i felt that it was the first assignment that started getting a little deeper into the actual operations and syntax aspect of social media and SEO. I think the greatest part of doing SEO related things is that not only does it make it easier for engines to crawl your page, but i think it makes your webpage easier for a user to browse as well. by using structured hierecrchy with directories and root pages, you can make it a lot easier for a user to use a sitemap to cruise your site. I think that SEO is a very interesting topic because it is not down to an exact science yet. there are still lots of diferent ways taht differnt people and companies use to SEO your site, from interlinking, to using good meta destricptions, to using concise titles and clear directory structures.

digg1I really like the concept of Social Harbor as well. I think it is a great way to make your self seen on the internet to eliminate the guess work and mystery of a potential employer. I really like delicious and digg but i have to say i am a little biased to stumbleupon. im interested to see if the new media blog actually makes the front page of delicious or digg, i think itd be pretty funny if one of my friends stumbledupon my class website.


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adwordzSo for this week’s assignment we were tasked with setting up our very own Google AdWords campaign. This is a particular tool-set of Google’s that i have had absolutely zero hands on experience with but I was a little bit familiar with the concept. There is some controversy over the AdWords campaign scheme due to some critics believing that it has a monopoly over the entire online advertising industry, I disagree with this but at the same time in many ways it’s true.

I started out by doing the starter edition of AdWords and made my first ad. I used some of my own keywords but also used a lot of the category keywords that google provides during the setup. i found the AdWord keyword search/generator extremely helpful. I typed in the URL of my blog and it pulled up all of the relating keywords on the site in addition to suggesting some ones similar to mine. I can see how helpful this would be for commerical and e-commerce websites on the web. This experience with AdWords is really going to help with my online marketing campaign for my charity as to raise awareness not only within the state of michigan, but outside of it as well!.