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Practical Knowledge

msublogThe digital world is moving at the speed of light, and you need to stay on top of it. MSU’s New Media Drivers License course helps you keep up by creating an online community for students and challenging them with practical and engaging content. I took this class to satisfy my degree requirements and what I walked away with was so much more. The class only meets twice during the semester and you submit all of your assignments online, this allows you to work when time is best for you and you can really put some time and passion into your assignments. The course is taught by entrepenuer and dgital marketing genius Derek Mehraban, CEO of Ingenx Digital Marketing.

ingenexThe focus of the class is a blog that you update once a week with a broad range of topics from running Google AdWord campaigns, to SEO, and creating your online persona through a variety of different web platforms. So far, everything I have learned I have already put into practice in not only my professional life, but in my personal life as well. This class also adds an independent study as a separate course credit. For mine i chose to increase my non-profit’s online presence by creating a new viral marketing campaign. I cannot say enough how much I have enjoyed this class, the topics are current and relevant and the sense of community between instructors and students is unparalleled. I urge you all to check this class out.


adword up

adwordzSo for this week’s assignment we were tasked with setting up our very own Google AdWords campaign. This is a particular tool-set of Google’s that i have had absolutely zero hands on experience with but I was a little bit familiar with the concept. There is some controversy over the AdWords campaign scheme due to some critics believing that it has a monopoly over the entire online advertising industry, I disagree with this but at the same time in many ways it’s true.

I started out by doing the starter edition of AdWords and made my first ad. I used some of my own keywords but also used a lot of the category keywords that google provides during the setup. i found the AdWord keyword search/generator extremely helpful. I typed in the URL of my blog and it pulled up all of the relating keywords on the site in addition to suggesting some ones similar to mine. I can see how helpful this would be for commerical and e-commerce websites on the web. This experience with AdWords is really going to help with my online marketing campaign for my charity as to raise awareness not only within the state of michigan, but outside of it as well!.