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meermanI’ve been on a roll here with my books this semester. First I read Small Giants and now David Meerman Scott’s New Rules for Marketing & PR. Scott has an undertone to his writing that gives off the aura of a blog. For this assisgment I submitted Scott’s website to because I figured it only made sense to use the best service available. I also used digg, twitter, stumble, and delicious to spread the word of Scott’s books. Do yourself a favor and check out his site, the guys got a great blog.


keywords keywords keywords

seoi absolutely loved this assignment. i felt that it was the first assignment that started getting a little deeper into the actual operations and syntax aspect of social media and SEO. I think the greatest part of doing SEO related things is that not only does it make it easier for engines to crawl your page, but i think it makes your webpage easier for a user to browse as well. by using structured hierecrchy with directories and root pages, you can make it a lot easier for a user to use a sitemap to cruise your site. I think that SEO is a very interesting topic because it is not down to an exact science yet. there are still lots of diferent ways taht differnt people and companies use to SEO your site, from interlinking, to using good meta destricptions, to using concise titles and clear directory structures.

digg1I really like the concept of Social Harbor as well. I think it is a great way to make your self seen on the internet to eliminate the guess work and mystery of a potential employer. I really like delicious and digg but i have to say i am a little biased to stumbleupon. im interested to see if the new media blog actually makes the front page of delicious or digg, i think itd be pretty funny if one of my friends stumbledupon my class website.

live to give

so here is a little update on how my independent study is coming. for my topic selection i chose to make a new online marketing campaign for my charity, Live to Give. To start with, i am just putting the finishing touches on the website that i designed. This took a SIGNIFICANT amount of time to do. I am also in the process of migrating the facebook group into the more robust facebook page application for businesses, this will make it much easier to communicate with our donators and families. AFter all that is said and done I am going to start a viral distrubiton of all of our videos, through email contacts in gmail, then through youube and facebook to help bring about awarenss!

i just got a virus

so i tried out google blog search for the first time and decided that I would do some digging on the subject of viral marketing. this is a very interesting topic because it isnt per say new but it is exploding with the networking capabilities that the internet provides. i learned that viral marketing can be anything, a game, a video, a good word passed between friends. i learned about this really cool company that specialized exclusivley in WOM campagns, and the results it promises are staggering. I am looking forward to seeing more types of marketing like this

sharing is caring

googcalso for this weeks assignment I had to choose a google application that I dont normally use and analyze it.  i chose the google calendar. i already knew a bit about it but I found it very interesting that it integrates with gmail and recognize emails that contain events and automatically adds it to your calendar. i like it because as all things google, it is very user firendly and straight forward. I dont like that it seems rather hard to automatically integrate with windows calendar. i think its best feature is the sharing ability, its nice to be able to share you schedule and collaborate with others on a similar project.  I doubt that ill continue to use it because of its lack of integration with windows calendar, I keep it synced between my phone and my laptop already, no reason to have to do it by hand fom google as well.