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I really love the concept of twitter, its just a shame that not many of my friends use it.  I use a very simmilar tool at work called Yammer. Linkedin is GREAT and I am looking forward to actually spending a few hours and making it shine. Facebook is…. well its facebook ive always used it and its my favorite social networking tool. For my independent study I am overhauling my charity’s facebook group into a facebook page to spread awareness as well as share our media which is the heart of our foundation.


I’m so stuffed I feel like I could keel over and die…LOL

foigrasAnd so it begins. Luckily my first spill was actually something interesting to write about rather then the usual ice cream that i drop on my lap. Im blogging all the way from Vail, Colorado and we were eating at one of my favorite restaurants in the city, Sweet Basil.  The restaurant its self has been in Vail for over 30 years and is a favorite among both locals and tourists alike. We started off the meal with some fresh oysters and then went onto pork bellys. it was my first time eating pork bellys and let me tell you they are quite the treat, they are basically like giant cubes of bacon with spices and applesauce. then the foi gras came, for those of you who dont know what it is, hold up i will explain it in a little bit. I think i was just so excited to eat it that spill1i dropped it on my lap, we were at this same restaurant right before christmas and had the foi gras and it was superb.  this was not my fist time having foi gas though, i had it for the first time this past summer while traveling in Nice, France and i was blown away by it. It is describes as being one of the most unique foods in the world, for good reasons. Its texture is unlike anything, it literally melts in your mouth. Depending on how they cook it and how they serve it you are in for a myriad of tastes. BUT, how is foi gras made? well before you keep reading please let me warn you, if you dont know what foi gras is and you are a animal lover, i would stop reading. ok so you have been warned

forcefeedingFoi gras is a pretty controversial dish. It is made from a fattened goose or duck liver. Ok yea liver is pretty gross, but thats not why its controversial. The animal is fattened by putting a tube down its throat and it is then force fed corn until it dies of overfeeding. Yes, it is forced to eat until it’s stomach explodes. WOW THAT IS AWFUL ISNT IT? Not if you are the one eating it!! The dish itself is actually banned in a bunch of countries and is still protested to this day. It is the pinnacle of french cuisine and if you ever have the opportunity to eat it, please do yourself a favor and try it. Pretend like you are eating a brown marshmallow or something, you will thank me later. Anyhow, its getting late and i have to wake up early to go skiing again…expect another post soon!

why blog?

whyso why am i writing this blog? well i am required to in my class this semester “New Media Drivers License”. The objective of this course is to not only learn about the new different type sof emerging media on the internet, but raise awareness to others as well. Although it is a requirement for my class to create and update this blog, I have been deeply interested in all sorts of new media for a long time. I already write for another blog for my internship in addition to that i wrote a blog of my travels through europe this past summer. In addition to blogging, this class puts a heavy emphasis on social networking which i am very versed in as well. I manage the social network identities for my internship so this is a great opportunity to learn more about online social networking. For the independent study portion of this class i will be developing an online viral marketing campaign to increase awareness and volunteerism. This is great because I also work as the marketing coordinator for a charity that two friends of mine started. Head over to the “what the heck” page to find out more about this blog!