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why blog?

whyso why am i writing this blog? well i am required to in my class this semester “New Media Drivers License”. The objective of this course is to not only learn about the new different type sof emerging media on the internet, but raise awareness to others as well. Although it is a requirement for my class to create and update this blog, I have been deeply interested in all sorts of new media for a long time. I already write for another blog for my internship in addition to that i wrote a blog of my travels through europe this past summer. In addition to blogging, this class puts a heavy emphasis on social networking which i am very versed in as well. I manage the social network identities for my internship so this is a great opportunity to learn more about online social networking. For the independent study portion of this class i will be developing an online viral marketing campaign to increase awareness and volunteerism. This is great because I also work as the marketing coordinator for a charity that two friends of mine started. Head over to the “what the heck” page to find out more about this blog!