live to give baby

· SSocial Network Presence

o Established Presence on Twitter, constantly seeking followers and submitting press releases now via Tweets

o Facebook – Migrated to new “Page” During this process Facebook updated its business pages, used this to our advantage and implemented new features and took advantage of new stream feature. I also made sure to have our other members all parse their URL’s the same to increase SEO. I added all of our Foundation’s photos to my Facebook profile and had the other team members do this as well.

o MySpace– Created brand new page on MySpace, I am not really a fan of MySpace but the exposure is huge so I decided to leverage this

o LinkedIn – Created a group for our foundation and began to advertise the group on my LinkedIn profile

o YouTube – Created FanPage to distribute our videos. Made sure to tag them carefully to enhance SEO

· OOnline Presence

o I made sure to use consistent titling throughout our Social Network profiles so that we could jump higher in the google searches for related keywords

o As a result of this, we jumped drastically in the search results in a variety of keywords. In particular, we jumped to #1 after the search of live to give foundation, we weren’t even on the results prior to this

o I interlinked all of our web pages. I did this to increase our inbound links for all pages. I made sure to link them all with the same titles as well in the anchors of the links.

o Completely redesigned our website. I had previously started working on this page before the class started but made some drastic changes as I learned more about WordPress. I designed the page as a blog to increase communication between our leadership team, our donators, and our families. A big part of our cause is adding a personal touch and I chose to keep comment permissions in certain areas of the site for people to give feedback on.

o I created a Flickr account to store all of our albums. I thought that this was a good idea in addition to our Facebook albums because Flickr is completely public, I felt that the UI was easy to use for our audience that wasn’t very tech inclined.

o Set up account on 888pressrelase and for future press releases.


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