so long farewell

Wow time flies when you’re having fun, and when you only meet twice during the semester. Although I came into this class with an abundance of prior knowledge in social media platforms, I learned a lot of stuff about a couple new platforms that I had yet to use, and further gained experience and expertise in the ones I already used. For my presentation I’m going to obviously outline the weekly topics, but I want to focus my presentation on a few key points that I felt were the most important parts of this class.
• Twitter – This new method of communication is the way of the future. With the ability to find out what consumers are saying about your product at a given moment, and the instant communication across huge amounts of followers and folowees, twitter is a bright star in the future of social media.
• SEO – Pretty soon every aspect of our lives will be intertwined with search engines. With the sheer amount of information that accumulates daily on the internet, search engines especially Google will be vital to organizing and accessing data.
• LinkedIn – Facebook is great sure, but its not something that I would want to show off to my prospective employer. Linkedin is going to grow and become my number one online identity. I think the only thing that is holding it back right now is its UI is very clunky, but this can be improved
• Personas – Social networking sites are personal, so businesses need adapt to become transparent and assume the identity of someone that is persona, not a far off distant business entity. By assuming a similar persona to that of the target audience, the business will be better able to empathize.
Im looking forward to reading Presentation Zen on my cruise, Garry’s credentials as a design professional are unparalleled. I am looking forward to giving my first presentation under the influence of Zen


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